PhD Students Past and Present

Cameron Fenton, "What do adult children owe their parents?" in progress

Christopher Sheriff, “Methodological Challenges to Naturalism in Ethics,” in progress.

Michel Hebert, 2013

Co-supervised with Anthony Skelton

"Endorsement, Worth and Well-Being"

Full time research associate, Info Tech London

Jeff Spring,  2013

“Global Justice and the Capabilities Account of Well-Being”

Visiting Assistant Professor, UBC Okanagan, September 2013

Jason Marsh,  2012

Co-supervised with John Thorp

"Procreative Ethics"

Assistant Professor, St. Olaf, Minnesota

Amanda Porter,  2011

"The Ethics of Humanitarian Intervention"

Alberta Health Services Clinical Ethicist, Lethbridge, Alberta, May 2014

Assistant Professor, Okanagan College, 2013

Ethics Fellow for St. Joseph’s Health Care, London and London Health Sciences Centre 2011-2012

London, Ontario

Sarah Lublink,  2010

"Critical Thinking and the Ethics of Teaching"

Assistant Professor, Edison State College, Lee Campus, Florida

Mark Vopat,  2004

"A Contractarian Approach to Children’s Rights"

Associate Professor, Youngstown State University, Ohio

Byron Stoyles,  2004

"The Value of Death"

Co-supervised with John Thorp

Assistant Professor, Trent University

Todd Calder,  2002

"The Nature of Evil"

Assistant Professor, St. Mary’s University, Halifax, NS

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship with Claudia Card, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sylvia Burrow, 2002

"Showing Some Humean Sympathy: The Role of Emotion in Moral Reasoning"

Associate Professor, Cape Breton University